Here are some answers to questions we are frequently asked.

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What’s involved in a workshop?

All of our workshops are hands-on, giving you the chance to learn some practical graffiti skills and make something to take away – this could be a stencil canvas, a paint marker graffiti name board, or both! In some workshops (such as smaller adult groups) you might also paint on large boards or walls, learning freehand skills. Most of our workshops include a guided street art tour, and all include an introduction to the graffiti scene and how it came about.

Where do your workshops take place?

Most of our workshops take place at the Island, a former police station on Nelson Street, Bristol, BS1 2LE. Some take place at the Station next door on Silver Street, and others at the St Werburghs Community Centre in East Bristol, depending on availability and group requirements. All of our venues have fascinating tour routes nearby, taking in a range of graffiti and street art.

How much do workshops cost?

The price depends on the type and length of workshop, and the number and age (adults/children) of participants. Have a look at our Workshops page for details of our options.

What is your minimum age?

Our minimum age for workshops is 9, for health and safety reasons, and because of the dexterity and finger strength required for the materials we use. In some circumstances younger children can participate if supervised one-to-one by a parent. All ages are welcome on our tours, although they are aimed at adults and older children.

How do I book?

Please get in touch to make a booking, using our contact form or email address: . Let us know the details of your group, and which option you’re interested in.


We welcome people of all abilities to our workshops. Two of our venues are fully accessible, and our workshop content and tour routes can be adapted to meet the needs of participants. All of our team have extensive experience of working with people with additional needs, and we all have up-to-date enhanced DBS clearance. Please get in touch to see how we can accommodate you or your group.

I am pregnant. Can I take part?

Some of our activities are completely safe in pregnancy; others have a small risk attached, so we make participants aware and allow them to make their own decisions. Our guided tours are suitable as long as you are able to walk for up to an hour and climb hills and steps (although we can sometimes adapt tour routes to meet your needs). The paint marker activity is safe, as the paint is non-toxic.
Spraypainting: we use indoor water-based spraypaints for the stencil canvases, which are less toxic than outdoor graffiti spraypaint, and we provide masks, gloves and aprons. For outdoor spraypainting we use MTN 94 spraypaint, which has risks associated, but we always paint in a well ventilated area and provide gloves, masks and aprons. We can never promise that spraypainting is 100% safe, but neither will we ban anyone from taking part. Liability lies with the pregnant lady and the decision to participate is entirely hers.
If you are pregnant and decide not to participate in the spraypainting, you can still take part in the tour and paint marker activity, and we can offer you a £5 discount on the workshop price.

Do you have gift vouchers available?

Yes, we sell gift vouchers for our one-to-one and 2-person workshops. These are printed on beautiful Kraft cardstock and come with a matching envelope. If you’re buying a voucher for someone, you can choose a specific date for the workshop, or they can choose a date to suit them. Visit our shop to purchase a gift voucher.

Do you run sign-up courses, or can I join an existing group?

At present we only offer private bookings, for existing groups (families, friends, work colleagues, school groups etc), and one-to-one/couple private masterclasses.

Can you come to us?

We take workshops to schools, and can sometimes come to other organisations and venues, such as youth clubs, weddings and events, conferences etc. Get in touch to discuss your ideas and requirements.
All children’s parties now take place at our venue however.

Is it legal?

Graffiti can be associated with illegal activities. On our workshops we explain what is and isn’t legal, and we promote legal and responsible graffiti and street art. We never take part in illegal activities ourselves.

What should I bring / wear?

You don’t need to bring anything, except an open mind and enthusiasm! Our workshops are accessible to all, whether you have some spraypainting experience or haven’t picked up a pencil since school! All materials are provided and included in the workshop cost.
We advise you wear comfortable footwear and don’t wear your best clothes, although we do provide gloves, masks and aprons. And do remember to dress for the weather, and bring an umbrella or sun hat as appropriate for tours.

Deposits and refunds

We require a non-refundable deposit upon booking. The remaining balance is due at least 14 days prior to your workshop date. A full list of our terms and conditions will be provided with your booking form.