Graft COVID-19 Policy 

At Graft we value the safety and wellbeing of our staff and clients above all else. We have taken the opportunity during the COVID-19 lockdown to take a step back, regroup and reassess. We have thought carefully about how we can resume business in a safe and workable manner, and this policy outlines our plans for the coming weeks and months.

General health and safety:


  • If you show symptoms within 14 days following attendance of a workshop or tour, please inform us so that we can let others know as appropriate. Please request a test and follow government advice regarding self-isolation and tracing.

  • If we are made aware of a workshop or tour participant having symptoms of coronavirus within 14 days following a workshop or tour, we will inform all those who were present in the session, in accordance with government guidelines.

  • We will ask all clients to sign a liability waiver upon booking.


Workshop and tour bookings:

The lockdown meant the cancellation or postponement of all our workshop and tour bookings. As things stand, none of our workshop venues are currently available for hire for group bookings. Once these venues become available to book, we will aim to start welcoming back bookings. Our intended plan of action is as follows:

  • The first workshop bookings we plan to fulfil will be one-to-one and couple workshops which were postponed due to the lockdown. We will be in touch with those clients as soon as we are able to accommodate them safely. We are extending the expiry dates on vouchers already purchased by a full year.

  • Guided tours will also be safer to resume early on than group workshops, as they take place entirely outdoors. However we will be limiting numbers for tour groups, to allow for social distancing on pavements, and we will reassess our stopping points to ensure we do not cause crowding or put members of the public in danger.

  • We will initially be offering workshop and tour bookings to couples and family groups from the same household, followed by groups of up to five adults from different households if outdoors (eg tours), or people from two households if indoors. We will expand this offering as government guidelines change.

  • At present we are not offering children’s workshops. We hope to be able to offer these again in the near future as government advice allows.

  • In the event of further lockdowns, any workshop bookings will be postponed and payments held as credit for a future date. Clients have the right to a refund if they prefer.


Social distancing:

  • We will maintain a 2 metre social distancing rule between our staff and clients, and between clients who do not live together. We will put in place measures such as spaced out seating, individual boards for outdoor painting (as opposed to larger shared boards) and floor markings.

  • We ask all workshop and tour participants to respect these measures, and we reserve the right to end a workshop or tour early if we feel that the health and safety of our staff or clients is being compromised by the behaviour of others.



  • Each workshop participant will be provided with their own set of materials to use, and will be asked not to share or swap with others.

  • We will use laminated sheets instead of books for image reference during workshops, to allow for easy cleaning.

  • All materials (pens, pencils, spraycans, laminated sheets, tablecloths, tables, chairs) will be cleaned before and after each workshop using antibacterial products, or quarantined for 3 days between uses.

  • The workshop venues will have their own measures in place with regard to shared areas such as toilets. We will make participants aware of these and ask that they follow these.


Protective equipment and clothing:

  • We already provide disposable surgical masks and vinyl gloves on all our spraypainting workshops, so we are well-equipped to provide for COVID-19 safety measures.

  • However we will now be issuing these masks and gloves at the beginning of all workshops, instead of only when spraypainting.

  • We will temporarily be replacing our cotton aprons with disposable plastic aprons for all workshops, which will be issued at the start.

  • We will provide surgical masks to all tour participants as well.

  • Our staff will wear surgical masks throughout all workshops and tours, and will wash or sanitise their hands before the session and before and after handling materials.

  • Masks, gloves and aprons will be disposed of safely immediately after a session.

  • We encourage clients to bring their own washable face coverings if possible, to reduce environmental impact.

  • Hand sanitiser and handwashing facilities will be available for all workshops.


Online shop purchases:

  • We will follow safe practices with regard to the preparation and delivery of online purchases from our shop.

  • Before packing your purchases we will wash our hands thoroughly. We will minimise contact with your purchases and quarantine products for two days before sending them.

  • We will use door-to-door contact-free courier delivery for all orders.

  • If we have arranged collection or delivery with you, we will maintain social distancing and contact-free delivery practices, and we will sanitise our hands and wear gloves when handling the product.


Mural painting:

  • We are not currently offering indoor mural painting.

  • We will maintain a 2-metre social distancing rule at all times while painting outdoor murals, and we will discuss other health and safety measures as appropriate with the client.

  • We will wear a mask and gloves at all times during painting.





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