Our 'Mildstyle' pattern is inspired by a William Morris design, but given a graffiti reworking. The twists and turns of the acanthus foliage are reminiscent of the intertwined energy of wildstyle graffiti lettering. This is a pattern which works well on any scale, indoors or outdoors, and in any number of colourways.


This particular piece was painted in, and dedicated to, the former Bridewell Police Station on Nelson Street, Bristol, which is now home to The Island, where our studio and workshops are based. Look out for the subtle references to the building's past woven into the design!


Each of these pieces is a unique, original artwork handpainted onto canvas by Rob using spraypaint. The designs are all inspired by our larger mural works.


Canvases are painted to order, so we will get in touch with you to discuss possible colourways and methods collection or delivery.


Available as a 4ft x 3ft canvas (122cm x 91.5cm)

Original Canvas - 'Mildstyle' in 'Bridewell Blues' colourway





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